1st Birthday Cakes

Decorating 1st birthday cakes for your precious child can be loads of fun and is an incredibly rewarding experience (and much easier than you might think)! Now it is important to ensure that this special cake is unique, vibrant and unforgettable. So much emphasis on a birthday that you child will barely remember, you say? Trust me, they will thank you later!

What most people don’t realise is that 1st Birthday cakes do not need to be expensive and can be baked, decorated and enjoyed at home. Making divine masterpieces (like the one above and below!) for your child can be enjoyable and bring about a lot of satisfaction (and make those other mum’s envious of your superior abilities!). The biggest problem is, what kind of cake? There are countless creative designs which will be a hit amongst the kids and the parents.

To give you some ideas to get started, here are some potential ideas for 1st birthday cakes:  

 – Princess cakes

–  Pirate cakes

–  Dinosaur cakes

–  Elmo cakes

–  Thomas-the tank engine cakes (and any cute character you can think of!)

To make exquisite cakes (that taste great and look amazing!), you don’t need to be a professionally trained chef or have a cake baking degree from a fancy school. Simple ideas can do the trick to create that special something to take pride in. Even the most plain and simple cake can be spiced up by adding colourful, edible toy figurines on top. For example, you can have a Sesame Street party cake by putting these exciting cake toppers on your initially boring cake and have Elmo lead the band. The Sesame Street theme can also be constructed by designing your children’s cakes in the shape of one of the characters (e.g. Elmo Cakes).

By using the same train of thought, you should be able to think of endless ideas to transform your creation. Maybe a  Bob the Builder cake where a little figurine of Bob (banana-flavoured) is lifting up a chocolate number 1. If you want to decorate further, try scattering some tools around the cake (either edible or drawn in). Just go watch that collection of cartoons and get creative! If you’re still really struggling, another great source of ideas for 1st birthday cakes are cake decoration books some great ones here!) which might also trigger and inspire even more colourful and creative ideas from the elusive child in you. Whatever design or theme you choose, make it something special to you as it will stay with you forever. If you want unique ideas and cake decorating secrets that will blow you away, click here for more information. 1st Birthday Cakes

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