Black Forest Cake Recipe

On this day I want to introduce the famous Black Forest cake of German origin. It consists of a cocoa cake, whipped cream, red fruits (cherries, raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries) syrup flavored with kirsch and all of it covered with chocolate shavings. Originally in its composition only enter as filling cherries with the cream (usually without sugar) and nuts as well as decorative chips or flakes of chocolate.

Later the black forest cake has been adapting to the changes taking personal taste, but basically with the ingredients listed above. Despite being a cake with high fat content, both from the cream and chocolate and sweetness is not cloying, since we can modify this to provide sweetness leaving itself the chocolate and fruit, not adding sugar to the cream. Particularly, I like black forest cake make filling it with cream and berries and covering the outer layer with truffle, later covered with chocolate chips and decorate it with a source of chocolate. The black forest cake is very refreshing and is ideal as a dessert in itself, to accompany a cup of coffee or breakfast snacks.


For the cake:

  • 5 eggs
  • 125 gr. sugar
  • 150 gr. flour
  • 50 gr. Cocoa powder
  • Perfume kirsch

For the filling and cover the cake:

  • 250 gr. whipped cream
  • 100 gr. macerated cherries, strawberries or berries rolled
  • 1 dl. The kirsch syrup
  • 150 gr. nose mounted
  • 150 gr. chocolate flakes


• Marinate cherries in the syrup with kirsch. (You can also use strawberries, berries, cherries).

• Prepare and weigh ingredients of the cake.

• Make a chocolate cake as usual.

• Bake in oven at 200 ° C with the open shot.

• Remove from oven let cool and unfold onto a rack.

• Cut the cake horizontally into three floors; remove crusts and superficial side if available.

• Feather the first floor with syrup flavored with kirsch.

• Spread a layer of whipped cream and add the cherries (fruit or specified).

• Cover with another cake disc and set.

• Cover with another layer of cream.

• Cover the cake finally, to pierce and Napar with truffles.

• Sprinkle with chocolate flakes and side surface.

• Glaze with icing sugar.

• Garnish with chocolate an appropriate reason.

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