Dinosaur Birthday Cakes

Are you planning to bake a cake for your child’s upcoming birthday celebration? Do you want to make it extra special by designing his or her cake with his or her favorite dinosaur? If so then, reading this article will give you some ideas on what dinosaur birthday cakes would be nice for a birthday party. DInosaur birthday cakes are one of the most popular birthday cakes for children today. It is mainly because they are colorful, big in size and will definitely be loved by many.

Creating your own dinosaur birthday cakes will save you more money, than going to a cake shop to buy your child’s cake. You will also get to decide what flavors to put, as well as the colors and the designs that you want for the cake to look better and of course for the cake to look special and customized. Your child will not only enjoy the dinosaur birthday cake, but as well as your guests. What is good about these dinosaur birthday cakes is that, it won’t only bring happiness to your kid and your guests, but as well as a new information about the dinosaur thay you have created.┬áSo to get things started, here are some of the dinosaur borthday cakes that you might want to make for your child’s upcoming party:

Wilton Dinosaur Cake

This cake is made up of loaf pans which are all cut to create buildings that will serve as the background of the dinosaur. The dinosaur itself is covered with starts, while his back is covered with triangle black cardboards. The dinosaur is outlined in grey for it to stand out among the rests of the designs. A pole is also created which is also made from cardboard. The building in this cake are well covered with different colors of dots and frosting which serves as the window panels of the bulding. To add more excitement, some flames are also included which is colored in red and yellow. WHile the road has cracks on it where a car will be there to create an effect.

Green Dinosaur

This dinosaur cake is made from round cake which is cut into half and porpped up in each sides. The crescent shaped tail is made from another round cake. For the head of the dinosaur, a heart shaped cake which is cut into half while the other half is for the dinosaur’s body. The green frosting is made from icing butter pipped which is created with the help of a nozzle with star shaped. You won’t be having a hard time because you don’t need to bake anything. All you have to do here is to cut the readily made cakes into the shape that you want.┬áThese are just some of the dinosaur birthday cakes available for you to create and design. You can choose from different frostings and loafs for it to look unique. Remember to make it extra colorful for your child to surely adore it.

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