Sweet 16 Birthday Cakes

When the celebrant is a 16 year old person, the color themes of the birthday need to be young. The color of the cake can be peach, pink, yellow or cream. Lilac, lavender and light blue are also good suggestions. On top of it, the color of cakes should be matching the theme of the special day. For instance, if the theme is costume ball, then people may consider a layered cake with peach or pink flower trimmings. The young celebrant can wear a pink gown, so that she would look like a princess, whereas the guests can wear costumes.

Ideal cake ideas to celebrate your kids’ birthday:

Another ideal suggestion is to prepare small cupcakes that can be set in a cake stand which has several layers. This is a great idea for a princess themed party when it comes to Sweet 16 Birthday Cakes. The cakes can be trimmed flowers that are made using icing. When the cakes are arranged in a proper manner in the cake stand, the cake stand will look like a flower pot. For such a theme, people can opt either for a single color or combination of shades such as light orange, pink and yellow. Also, this cake would suit a ballerina themed birthday party. Apart from themes, such cakes would match a birthday party that has fairy tale as the theme, where the guests can be seen wearing pink wings and carrying wands. People can also think of using small cupcakes with frosting on the top. They can then arrange the cakes, in order for the cakes would appear like balloons or bubbles. This is one of the best ideas for sweet 16birthday cakes, where the theme is children’s party. Guests can consider dressing up like small kids. It is also an ideal suggestion to make rectangular or square cupcakes with frost topping. This would make the cakes look like small gift boxes. With creative ideas, people can have fun with frosting bags. The cakes can also be decorated in such a way that they look like small cars or trucks. Such sweet 16birthday cakes will suit any birthday theme.

Amaze your kids with the best cake ideas on their sixteenth birthday:

One of the best ideas for sweet 16birthday cakes is to get sixteen photo cakes each featuring a photo of the celebrant. Photos of the kid right from age one to sixteen should be placed on the cake album. This will be exciting for the guests, as they would be able to find how the kid has grown. This can be a wonderful idea for huge parties. The ideas that are mentioned above are only a few and there are several other amazing Sweet 16 Birthday Cakes ideas for people to explore. So, planning on sweet 16birthday cakes is not going to be an overwhelming task anymore. It is not the day when people can think about diet. Parents may spend a lot of time to plan for gifts, party and kids, but most parents miss out on getting the perfect cakes for the special day in their kids’ life. Most people think that a birthday cake can just be bought by walking up to a local shop and choose from the available cakes. But, they should know that all the family members and friends of the celebrant will be present on the grand day. Moreover, cutting a cake on birthdays is a tradition which is followed throughout the world. When it comes to buying cakes for birthdays, it is always better to ask the celebrants about their likes as well as dislikes. This is because; there is no use in getting an expensive cake, when the kid does not like the flavor or the color of the cake. So, parents should be careful and innovative in terms of buying sweet 16birthday cakes.

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