How To Make The Perfect Barbie Birthday Cake

Making the perfect Barbie birthday cake for your little cute girls can be a tough job especially if you are not much of a baker or someone who haven’t done any baking for a long time. Building the Barbie birthday cake and decorating it can be very complicated but it can be very rewarding too once your daughter finds out that you made the cake especially for them for their birthday compared to store bought birthday cakes. Mothers can go over the internet to have an idea on how cakes are made and search for tips and tricks to learn how to make and decorate a Barbie birthday cake. They can even look at pictures of cakes made by mothers across the world to get an inspiration and read some Barbie birthday cake making success stories be motivated.

To get started, Moms would want to ask their daughter what flavor their Barbie birthday cake will be made of. Some would prefer chocolate, or chiffon, or vanilla. These cake flavors can be bought in cake mix boxes; flour and other ingredients may be added to balance the taste, its sweetness, and texture. Mothers can ask their friends for some advice as to what cake mix brand tastes good for that particular flavor. Making the Barbie birthday cake would also need a lot of frostings. This can be bought from stores or can be made out of powder sugar and then with some food coloring to decorate the cake. Before building the cake, ask your kids how their cake would look like. If you think you can’t make what their imaginative minds have, then maybe you can compromise.  Some mothers’ strategy in making this challenging cake is to actually buy a cheap Barbie doll from a nearby store.

In making a Barbie birthday cake, they actually pulled out the legs while being careful not to destroy the toy as the birthday celebrant might want the toy when the cake has all been consumed. The doll’s legs will serve as a stand and are then covered with cake, with decorative frostings to make it appear as the Barbie birthday cake doll dress. Cake pans shaped like a doll dress can be bought from baking equipment shops. Decorating the cake with frostings can be a bit tricky for first time bakers, for mothers who don’t have an idea on how to arrange frostings so it won’t sag and prevent them from overdoing it can look over the internet for Barbie dresses they would want to get an inspiration from. To support the legs, Barbie’s feet can also be covered with frosting to add some balance and stability to it. For a more personalized Barbie birthday cake, moms might want to borrow some of their daughter’s toys such as Barbie’s bag, necklace, etc. to decorate the cake.

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