Vegan Cake is healthier than regular cake

A vegan cake, like any other cake, is a treat to be enjoyed in moderation. Both are delicious, moist, sweet desserts. However, you might wonder if a vegan cake is healthier than other cakes. The truth is that vegan cakes are healthier than other types of cakes. Vegan cakes can be lower in saturated fat because they are made with less butter. However, vegan cakes can still contain the same amount of saturated fat as any other cake.

Are you still wondering if vegan cakes are healthier than regular cakes? We would not say yes to that question. Vegan cakes are still more caloric than regular dairy products and contain more sugar. They are also less calorie-dense. These are some ways vegan cakes can be healthier than regular cakes.

The Sugar Alternative

Vegan cakes can be as sweet as any other type of cake. However, you can choose healthier sugar options like agave nectar if you do not want to add sugar. A teaspoon of agave has 21 calories. This is a lot less than the equivalent of one teaspoon of sugar. You will need to use less of it when you add it to your cake.

Pureed dates, coconut sugar, and maple syrup are all vegan options that you can add to your cake.

Add fruits and vegetables to your recipe:

A vegan cake that is rich in fruits is considered healthy. Incorporating fruit in your cake can make it healthier. As an alternative to eggs and sweetness, applesauce can be used in bakes.

Use olive oil or sunflower spread:

Coconut oil and coconut-based vegan spreads are high in saturated fats. You can opt for healthier options like olive oil, sunflower spread, and vegan margarine to make your vegan cake more nutritious.

Although there are many options that make vegan cakes healthier than regular cakes, this does not mean you can eat it every day. That’s OK! If we could have cake every day, it would lose its magic.

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